Richard Noll ~ Inner Journey Video | Shamanic Journey & Meditation Music

I was inspired to compose Inner Journey, from my album “Peaceful Being,” during a deep inner journey of my own, with the hope of musically simulating an inner journey for listeners. Rachel Noll’s video of this song is a lovely accompaniment to the musical journey and, for me, makes the experience of it more vivid. You can see what you think.

All the images used in the video were selected from “Free Wallpaper” collections.

Gratitude to Shaina for her beautiful vocals and to Gwen Franz for her exquisite viola playing.

Richard Noll ~ Open Heart Video | Heartfelt Music for Relaxation

I have a special fondness for this song, Open Heart, from my “Peaceful Being” album. It’s the first song that came to me after moving to the coast of Washington State from the deserts of New Mexico. I played this song on an electronic wind instrument, using the sounds of soprano and tenor saxophones, because I love the way they express the energy of the song.

Gratitude to Gwen Franz for her beautiful viola part. Appreciation to Rachel Noll for the lovely video.

All images from “Free Wallpaper” collections. All the images she used were selected from “Free Wallpaper” collections.

Calling the Rain | Soothing music inspired by nature

This song is from my “Peaceful Being” album, and is played in the style of native flute music. It came to me when I lived in the desert Southwest where rain is such a precious gift. Calling the rain is like a prayer, and this song is an expression of how that call moves in me.

Richard Noll ~ Grace Video | Soothing and Uplifting Music Instrumental

This song is from my “Peaceful Being” album. My intention with “Grace” is to offer a gift of sweet and soothing energy, to nourish and uplift your heart.

Richard Noll ~ Nightfall Video | Hauntingly Beautiful Instrumental Music

This song is from my “Peaceful Being” album. It came to me when I was playing my flute along a river in the wilderness of southern New Mexico at twilight.

Richard Noll ~ Peaceful Being Video | Music Inspired by Nature

This is the title song from my “Peaceful Being” album. It came to me as I was playing the flute by a small stream in the mountains above Santa Fe.

Richard Noll ~ Early Spring Video | Songs for Spring

This video features the song, “Early Spring,” from my “Peaceful Being” album.

Alto and Tenor Recorders: Richard Noll

Richard Noll ~ “Peaceful Being” Album Sampler Video | Soothing music for relaxation and meditation

This video introduces you to my debut album “Peaceful Being.” The album has 8 instrumental songs, offering a soothing, meditative experience for relaxation and the deepening of inner peace.