Beth Alexander is an artist and a WordPress Master. That is a wonderful combination for any client. Our team loves working with her (we consider her part of our Thriving Communities team). She listens and thoughtfully responds to any question and will distill our hopes into possibilities for next steps. Depth, capacity and wisdom are her trademarks. We feel lucky to work with Beth.

Jerry Millhon

Beth Alexander has been my web mistress for almost three years; she manages three sites for me. I simply cannot say enough good things about her, a list would sound like the Boy Scout oath — trustworthy, loyal, helpful, etc. She is reasonable in her fees, expert in her work, creative in her design, and always on time. Take a look at www.schwartzreport.netwww.stephanaschwartz.com, and www.nemoseen.com. Recently she taught herself how to upload to Kindle, and set up online streaming for my books, DVDs, and CDs. Since the first year of Netscape, I have had five webmasters. Beth is head and shoulders above the others, all of whom were quite competent. Do yourself a favor and hire her. But don’t take too much of her time; I want her to keep doing mine. — Stephan A. Schwartz

Stephan Schwartz

Beth did some work for me in transferring my existing html site into a WordPress site. I was nervous about losing any material or the transfer not looking identical, but Beth eased my mind and did al the changes quickly, professionally and cheaply! She also took the time to walk me through the WordPress basics over Skype, which was really helpful. I am someone with little tech knowledge but a lot of perfectionism, and I wanted things “just so.” Beth took care of it like it was just scratching an itch…so impressive! I was so glad I found her, and I highly recommend her.” K.S.


Beth is intuitive in her work making her exceptional at understanding the client’s needs. She then creates websites that reflect the personality of your business along with all the practical things tat are needed to have an efficient and professional website.

Amanda Smith

Beth has worked with the World Cafe Community Foundation designing and managing the website, advising on emerging platforms to maximize our capability of proactively networking to our on line community of learning and practice… She is a highly skilled and caring professional in the field of social technology. I have a great deal of respect for Beth as a person and for her work.

David Isaacs

Beth assisted in the research for and implementation of the first on-line community of the World Cafe. She assisted us in choosing an appropriate platform as well as designing the platform for our needs, trouble shooting, and hosting the on-line conversations. She is highly skilled in on-line community development and hosting and I recommend her without reservations.

Juanita Brown

Beth was recommended to me by a friend who uses her services regularly. I know almost nothing about blogs, the internet and the way I could use all these devices to promote my business. I have to say that as I work as a consultant and psychotherapist, I needed someone that could understand my needs but also a soft way of publishing my work. I felt right away in confidence with Beth she is calm, soft, knowledgeable, trustworthy and crystal clear. You know right away that you will get what you need, not more not less and she guides you all the way through the best choices. She is reactive and patient. I enjoyed enormously working with her and I will certainly continue to ask her help in the future.

Teresa Garcia-Rivera

Beth Alexander is a trusted colleague whose work is impeccable. She is a talented designer with a “can-do” attitude and we have worked together successfully on many projects. I often recommend my clnts to her when my schedule is full, and do so with full confidence that she will provide the best possible service for them.

Amy Lenzo

Beth has been a real asset to our team. Her technical strength and responsiveness to our needs has made her indispensable. It is without hesitation that I wholeheartedly recommend Beth as a gifted and talented resource.

Jon Ramer